For those interested in climbing Mt.Hood, here are some resources:

Disclaimer: PMR is in no way responsible for any climbers safety. The information provided on this page is soley for personal use. Climbing Hood is a serious endeavor. Know Your Route, know the conditions, have a backup plan. Of course we will do our best to get you out of trouble, but the best mission is always one that that doesn’t happen in the first place. Be safe.

Climbing Mt Hood?


Are you heading to the “Pearly Gates” while attending the MRA Conference? How about the “Old Chute”? Mt. Hood offers a variety of routes and technical terrain to satisfy an hungry mountaineer. Seasonal changes, fitness levels, and mountain familiarity are all important factors when embarking on a summit attempt.  Before heading out, consider checking out these sites below for mountain beta and route descriptions. Know the conditions. Know your route. Be prepared. Have a backup plan.